5 Great Reasons Why You Should Choose Maiden Hair Extensions!

5 Great Reasons Why You Should Choose Maiden Hair Extensions!

5 Great Reasons Why You Should Choose Maiden Hair Extensions!

We all know a great hairstyle can make a huge difference to an overall look and is often the first thing people notice about others.

Here at Maiden, we love any hair length – short, medium or long – but often long, healthy locks can be more difficult to maintain. Other times we’d just like the flexibility to be more versatile with our hair length and style. Our Maiden hair extensions can add length or volume to natural hair, not to mention change colour or style. 

The history of hair extensions goes back to the days of Ancient Egypt, and now are even more popular than ever. Here we’ve listed five great reasons why your clients might like to give them a go. 

  • Options

There is a range of hair extension options including natural or synthetic and different methods or types including tape, clip-in, skin weft and iTip extensions. You can be confident of the right type of hair extension to suit every clients’ needs.

  • Safe

We all know procedures such as colouring, perming and straightening can damage the hair, and some damage can be irreversible. Choosing hair extensions means your clients can still experiment with hair lengths, styles and colours without damaging their hair. 

  • No Regrets

If your client is worried about the commitment involved in experimenting with hairstyles, extensions give them the option to try different styles without affecting their natural hair.

  • Styles

There is a multitude of hairstyle options, but they may not always be physically possible, such as growing to a particular length. Hair extensions enable a range of versatile styles and colours such as curly, wavy, silky straight, ombre, lowlights, highlights and different lengths.

  • Length

Length is probably the number one reason why most people choose to experiment with hair extensions. If your hair only seems to grow a certain length or you love the simplicity of a shorter style, hair extensions can give you the chance to experiment with different lengths and styles.

Hair extensions are a fun and safe way to experiment with different styles, and the above are just some of the reasons why your clients might like to enjoy trying Maiden hair extensions.

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