Enhanced Purchase Benefits: When you opt for MHE hair extensions alongside MHE haircare products, you unlock an extended 3-month warranty, ensuring a longer period of coverage for both individual customers and salons dedicated to incorporating MHE in their services. However, for salons and individuals choosing not to use MHE, the warranty is astandard 7 days. This approach guarantees a comprehensive warranty for those fully embracing the MHE experience, while still providing a baseline coverage for others who may make a different product choice.

Stylist Responsibility After Application:  Once the hair extensions are applied, the responsibility shifts to the stylist. In case of major issues where MHE is suspected, stylists are required to provide before and after photos, specify the amount of grams used, and detail the aftercare instructions given to the customer. This includes proof of purchase of the MHE hair care collection, creating a transparent process for issue resolution. Warranty coverage extends for three months if both the customer and salon have used the MHE hair care collection; otherwise, coverage lasts 14 days, with no other defects considered past this period.

Stock Availability: We strive to maintain a diverse stock selection. If a selected product is temporarily unavailable, you'll be promptly notified with an estimated time of arrival, and your purchase will be placed on back order


Attachment Method and Responsibility: MHE does not endorse a specific attachment method but requires adherence to internationally recognised  professional application methods. Responsibility for colour, cut, tone, maintenance, and application lies with the stylist, not the supplier.

Product Warranty and Usage Guidelines: Hair must be thoroughly checked before application. No returns are accepted after application. MHE extensions are guaranteed when applied using MHE, beads/tubes, application tools, and our hair care products. Colour variations are beyond our control; return if unhappy while in original packaging.

Maintenance Guidelines: Avoid dyeing, perming, excessive blow-drying, and products with protein or alcohol. Teach clients proper maintenance post-application. Differences in clip or bead sizes may occur occasionally.

Product Origin and Consumer Complaints: For extensions purchased elsewhere, including other salons or wholesalers, return or replacement requests must be directed to the original place of purchase. Maiden Hair Extensions will address consumer complaints only if deemed appropriate and approved by management.

Colouring/Toning Instructions: Avoid bleaching and perming. Use only semi-permanent colours on damp hair. Perform a test patch on a single extension strand before full application.

Order Cancellation: To cancel an order, contact us immediately with your order number and cancellation request. Note that processed and shipped orders cannot be canceled.

Selecting the checkbox at checkout implies your agreement to these terms and conditions; your purchase will be timestamped for future reference if necessary