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Welcome to Maiden Hair, nestled in the heart of Kilsyth, Victoria, amid the tranquil landscapes of Melbourne's East. At Maiden Hair, we take pride in creating premium hair extensions that deliver a seamless and luxurious experience, all while maintaining affordability to ensure everyone can enjoy great hair.

As a boutique supplier, our close communication with salons and customers reflects our commitment to an honest approach in hair extension supply. We pride ourselves on creating luxury products at affordable prices. Maiden Hair is not just a brand; it's a one-stop-shop for all your hair extension needs.

Meet Jessica, our hair specialist of 20 years. Her attention to detail is evident not only in the creation of our extensions but also in formulating our Signature Hair Care range. Recognising the challenge of consistent, high-quality extensions, Jessica launched the MHE range, featuring superior Remy human hair extensions, Tape, Microbead, Ktip,  weft, clip-ins, and a variety of tools.

Beyond client services, Jessica dedicates time to educating fellow industry professionals. The Maiden experience aims to redefine the hair extension world, fostering a supportive community thriving on shared success. Offering continuous support long after your education. Salons nationwide engage in MHE education, proudly stocking our range, including extensions, tools, and signature hair care.

Maiden Hair embodies the ethos that "Luxury is closer than you think." Our streamlined, fast, and hassle-free experience, coupled with Jessica's professional excellence, ensures the Maiden Experience is where luxury seamlessly meets convenience.

Join us at Maiden Hair – where creating a luxurious look is an affordable reality for everyone, and great hair is an experience we proudly offer

  • Jessica Webb

    Maiden hair extensions founder

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    • Maiden Hair Extensions

      Discover what Maiden Hair Extensions stands for, along with our latest and greatest techniques. Transform your look with us.

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      A quick fact from Jess

      I want to talk to you about the importance of having a thorough hair extensions consultation with an educated hair stylist. Trust me, it's something you don't want to skip!

      A hair extensions consultation with a knowledgeable stylist is crucial for several reasons. It allows the stylist to assess your hair, understand your expectations, educate you about the options available, discuss maintenance and aftercare, and address any concerns you may have. This ensures that you get the best outcome and a positive experience with your hair extensions. Believe me it's worth it!

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      How can I grow with Maiden Hair ?

      There are two pathways to expand with maiden hair extensions: joining our ambassadors program or becoming a stockist. In both cases, we collaborate closely with you.

      What Method’s do you offer?

      Maiden Hair Extensions offers 5 methods which are; weft, beads, bonds, tapes and clip-in hair extensions.

      Do you offer Education?

      Yes, we offer in person education located in Melbourne for both salons and individuals.

      Maiden Hair Care

      Jessica has also developed an exclusive maiden hair extension haircare range suitable for all hair types, including extensions. We advise using maiden haircare products with all extensions to guarantee optimal longevity.

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