Caring for your Maiden Hair extensions

Caring for your Maiden Hair extensions

Caring for your extensions


When brushing hair extensions always make sure to hold your ponytail whilst you are first getting familiar to how much weight and pressure you can put on them. Always use the recommended brush from your stylist. Using the wrong brush can end in pulling out your extensions. We recommend using MHE ( Maiden hair extensions ) tangle free brush to comb your hair.

Knots in your hair

We find the best method to getting any nasty knots out of your hair is to wait until you are in the shower. Lather the mids and ends with conditioner, then run your fingers through to seperate any knots. This will prevent breaking hairs and causing split ends. Continued brushing on dry knotty hair will cause breakage which can result in the length shortening very quickly.


Keeping your hair in its best condition is your aim.  Only use the recommended shampoo and conditioner.  At MHE we find the best suited shampoo and Conditioner to use is Australian owned animal cruelty free MUK HAIR CARE - DEEP MOISTURE SHAMPOO CONDITIONER & ONE MINUTE TREATMENT.  Always look for moisture shampoo and conditioner.

AVOID where the label notes; rebuild, reconstruct, regenerate.  These products are high in proteins which will help your natural hair. Unfortunately  it will cause your extensions to dry out as the extensions cannot not take these proteins.
Shampoo & conditioner should be applied in a downward motion from the top of the extensions to the end. Do not twist, rub or scrub at the extensions. You can do this on your scalp to ensure you are getting rid of the build up of oils, but it is best to squeeze the shampoo and conditioner through the ends to avoid knotting.
Tape extensions- avoid washing hair for 48hours to allow enough time for the tapes to bond together. Any earlier than this can result in the tapes coming apart and sliding out.


Never twist of rub your hair extensions.  This will cause the hair to tangle.
Wrap your hair in a towel to remove excess moisture.  This will save lot of drying time.  Hair extensions can be left to air dry and will dry with a slight wave to them. It is recommended to always dry the tops of the extensions where the bonds meet your head, with your hairdryer on low heat to prevent any of the bonds breaking down quicker due to being moist for long periods of time.


Always brush your hair extensions with the recommended brush before going to bed. Place your extensions in either one to two plaits to prevent tangling. NEVER GO TO BED WITH WET HAIR EXTENSIONS.

Heat & Styling

Always use heat protectant on your extensions.   Not only should it be used on hair extensions but on your natural hair as well. Artificial heats such as hairdryers, straighteners, curlers & crimpers can dramatically dry out your hair if not used appropriately. Please ensure that your heat protectant does not contain silicon, as this itself is damaging to your hair.   Hair extensions must be 100% dry before any heat tools are used . Allow to cool for a few minutes to check dryness before other heat tools are used.   Always use styling tools on low heat.


When swimming, place your extensions in either a ponytail or plait. Never put your hair up in a bun or messy bun when swimming.  This can cause knots especially if the bun is taken in and out.
Salt water and the chemicals in the pool can dry out your extensions leaving them feeling rough and knotty.  Always shower straight after swimming and apply shampoo and conditioner to remove excess chemicals. If this isn’t done, this will decrease the longevity of your extensions. 
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