Caring for your New hair extensions

Caring for your New hair extensions

Caring for your Human Hair Extensions

With so much information and advice around on how to look after your human hair extensions, it can get a little confusing.

Here at Maiden Hair Extensions, we want to make sure the information you’re receiving is correct. Which is why we’ve written this article to help you understand how to care for your human hair extensions correctly.


Washing your Human Hair Extensions


Hot showers, blow-drying, and heat styling will dry out and damage your extensions, so it’s important not to wash your extensions too often and If you do to be making sure you are using a moisturising Shampoo & conditioner.


In saying that, you also need to keep your human hair extensions clean and eliminate product, dirt and oil build-up.


At Maiden Hair, we recommend washing your hair once or twice a week using good-quality products. If your natural hair is oily, you may need to wash your hair more frequently.


Dry shampoos are fantastic and effective to use in between washes


  • Brush your hair extensions before washing separating any knots first.
  • Thoroughly wet your hair, add shampoo and massage your scalp (under the extensions).
  • Without rubbing the hair extensions, squeeze the shampoo through the hair from roots to ends.
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly, then gently squeeze to remove excess water.
  • Add conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair extensions.
  • Rinse thoroughly and gently squeeze to remove excess water.
  • Wrap hair in a towel.


To avoid tangling, it’s important not to rub hair dry and not to

massage/rub hair when using products


To maintain the condition of your hair extensions, we also recommend

using an additional conditioning treatment every few washes.


  • To prevent your human hair extensions from tangling or naturally falling, separate the individual extensions before drying.


As previously stated, always dry hair thoroughly

and use a leave-in conditioner as required.


Drying Hair Extensions


We recommend the following steps to dry your human hair extensions:


  • Without rubbing, towel dry hair gently.
  • Remove excess water by squeezing the hair with the towel.
  • Use a good quality hair dryer set on medium heat to dry the roots and mid-lengths. When drying, use a downward motion.
  • When hair is around 80% dry, comb hair with a wide-tooth comb.
  • Finish blow-drying, ensuring hair is thoroughly dry.
  • Apply a leave-in conditioner as required.

Products to use/avoid on human hair extensions


  • Avoid oil-based products (may cause extensions to slip).
  • Avoid products containing protein (may cause extensions to slip).
  • Use sulphate-free products.
  • Use shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for hair extensions OR moisturising products recommended for dry hair.
  • Use a leave-in conditioner up to twice a day.
  • If using hair oil, use sparingly on ends of hair only.


Brushing your Hair Extensions


You should brush your hair extensions at least twice a day. Do this by beginning at the ends and working up the length of your hair to the roots, then back to the ends.


To avoid tangling:


  • When brushing, support the top of your extensions at the roots.
  • Never ‘back-comb’ your hair extensions or roots.
  • Brush both your natural hair and your extensions thoroughly.
  • Always separate your natural hair from your extensions.

When choosing a brush for your human hair extensions, there are several options.


At Maiden Hair Extensions, we recommend:


  • Using a wide-tooth comb first to remove matting/large tangles.
  • Then use a tangle remover brush/detangling brush (light, flexible bristles) we have these available on our online site, Which enables you to brush over the extension bonds without pulling and brush close to your roots.
  • Finally, use a natural bristle brush to eliminate frizz and ensure a smooth finish.

As your hair is very fragile when wet, don’t brush either your natural

hair or human hair extensions when wet.

Brushing your extensions when wet also pulls on your natural hair as they are attached.


Sleeping in Human Hair Extensions


  • Do not sleep with wet hair extensions
  • Brush your hair extensions as indicated
  • Apply leave-in conditioner
  • Tie in a loose plait.


We recommend sleeping on a satin pillowcase to reduce friction on hair

On Waking


  • Undo plait
  • Apply leave-in conditioner if needed.
  • Brush hair as indicated.



  • Tie hair in a plait or ponytail
  • Brush hair as indicated both before and after exercising
  • Apply leave-in conditioner.


Do not wear your hair in a messy bun when exercising


Holiday Maintenance


  • If swimming or spending extended periods in the sun, apply a leave-in conditioner and tie hair in a loose ponytail or plait.


  • Afterwards:

- untie hair

- rinse thoroughly with clean water

- squeeze towel dry gently

- apply leave-in conditioner

- dry as indicated.


Do not leave your hair to dry in a plait or a bun


Hair Extension Maintenance


To ensure your human hair extensions and natural hair remain in tip-top shape, we recommend appointments every six to eight weeks. Regular maintenance on your hair extensions is necessary to ensure your extensions don’t tangle up with your natural hair. This is referred to as having your extensions ‘pushed up’ or ‘moved up’. We recommend you don’t wait longer than eight weeks.


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