Choosing a purple shampoo for hair extensions

Choosing a purple shampoo for hair extensions

Let’s hit the nail on the head when it comes to purple shampoo and hair extensions.

Unlike a nourishing shampoo for your extensions (paraben and sulphate free options), clients tend to overlook this factor when choosing the a purple shampoo. Hair extensions have a much higher porosity level, which means they will soak up whatever you put on them at a quicker rate. Purple shampoo will deposit faster than a regular shampoo as purple shampoo works by depositing pigment to counteract warmer tones.

Washing with purple shampoo too regularly will dry out your extensions by removing all the moisture, leaving them dry and brittle. Not only that, if you are also applying heat to a cuticle that’s lacking in moisture, this will cause it to burn and loose its length dramatically.

Fear not, we understand when golden tones and brassiness are calling, we understand the “We’re never blonde enough” feels are real.

When using a purple shampoo, opt for a sulphate and paraben free product, just like your regular shampoo.

You can also try diluting your purple shampoo with a regular hydrating shampoo (MHE Hydrate and healing shampoo is the bomb!). Even better, a purple based mask, which will not only hydrate but level out the porosity when it’s depositing in your extensions.

We have been busy little bees over here at the MHE head quarters, formulating the holy grail product for our blondies! Let’s just say she’s not far away!

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