Your Client Consultation Guide

Your Client Consultation Guide

Client Consultations

Client consultations are a key component of your hair extension business. They provide you with the opportunity to meet with your client face-to-face, provide valuable information and answer any questions or concerns your client may have about the hair extension process. A professional and informative initial consultation is essential for both you and our client.   

Preparation is key for a successful consultation and below we provide some key tips to ensure a smooth process for both you and your client to feel confident moving forward.

Meeting your Client for the First Time

Whether you have a salon where your client comes to you, or you are travelling to your client’s home or workplace, displaying a relaxed, friendly, yet professional image is the first step towards making your client feel comfortable.

Getting to Know your Client

Getting to know your client is a great way to build a solid professional relationship. Ask them about their day and engage in some casual chit-chat before talking business. For whatever reason, some clients may be reluctant to engage, but the majority will be up for a little small talk to get to know each other.

Getting Down to Business

Showing an interest in your client and asking them why they’re considering hair extensions or how long they’ve been thinking about extensions is a great way to get the ball rolling. Whether your client has a special occasion that they’d love hair extensions for, have tried extensions in the past, or are just after a change, understanding their reasons will help determine the look they’re after.

Type of Hair Extensions

Inform your client about the various lengths and methods of hair extensions available. Discussing this with your client, together with your training and experience, should allow you to determine the best method and length to suit them.

No two clients are the same, so offering a range of methods gives you and your client greater flexibility and choice. To determine the desired length, consult with your client on preference and have her point to where she would like her hair to fall on her body. It’s important not to just rely on rough measurements, but rather physically mark the length.

Half or Full Head?

Once you’ve established your client’s method and length, you can advise if they need a half or full head of hair extensions. Your training and experience will help you determine this.

For average to thick hair, or a short or blunt cut, a full head will be needed to ensure the hair extensions look natural and blend in well. For fine hair (or a tiny head!), a half head will be better suited.

Colour Matching

After the above processes, it’s time to colour match your client’s hair to the hair extension. To ensure you order correctly from your supplier, note down the following:

  • Colour choice/s
  • Hair thickness
  • Style
  • Any specific client requests (e.g. different colour streak)
  • Method
  • Consultation form

Hair Extension Fitting

Talk to your client about when they are hoping to have their hair extension fitted and discuss dates. Ask your client if she has a particular date or time period in mind. Make sure your client is comfortable and confident to go ahead with the fitting. You’ll often find that once your client has made the decision, the sooner the better! Explain your payment terms, and if taking an upfront deposit, now is the time to organise this. Don’t forget to enter the booking and any relevant client information in your diary.

Preparing for the Appointment

Reminding your client of their booking the day before their appointment is an effective and usually appreciated method. Now is also a great time to send your client any relevant details prior to the appointment, such as hair preparation requirements.


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