The Low Down on Tape Hair Extensions

The Low Down on Tape Hair Extensions


What are they and how do they work?

Tape hair extensions attach to your natural hair with patented tape. The extensions are inserted in with sections of your natural hair, and because the taping occurs close to your scalp, they’re unnoticeable until the extensions grow out. Meaning, most people won’t even know it’s not your natural hair!

 As with most things, there are pros and cons to tape-in hair extensions.


– With proper care, tape-in hair extensions will typically last up to 12 months. We figure this is the perfect time frame to opt for a new style/length/colour before becoming bored with your current style!

Comfort – Tape-in hair extensions are light and comfortable – you won’t even feel/notice them (except when running your fingers through your hair or brushing).

*It is important to use a detangling brush on hair extensions to prevent snagging. Appropriate detangling brushes are available for purchase at Maiden Hair Extensions.

Kudos! – No doubt you’ll be complimented on your gorgeous locks. It’s great to let people know you have hair extensions so they realise they can achieve the same great look.

Staying Power – Tape-in hair extensions have awesome holding power. If you curl or straighten the extensions, they will hold exceptionally well. Adding a touch of hairspray will pretty much guarantee all day hold and curls should hold for a few days!

Maintenance  - Tape-in extensions require minimal maintenance, including less time and money cutting and colouring your hair. Opting for lighter extensions means they will easily blend into your natural hair and your hair can grow out with minimal fuss. Well matched hair extensions require minimal colour maintenance.

An added bonus – as your natural hair is inserted between the two wefts of tape-in extensions, heat appliances such as your hair dryer and straighteners have minimal contact with your natural hair. As a result, your natural hair has less damage with tape-in extensions and can continue to grow.

And…humidity won’t affect your tape-in extensions! This is because they don’t contain any natural oil. No more bad hair days!


Say goodbye to high ponytails
– as they will expose the tape. An option is to use a headband or scarf to hid the tape. Low ponytails are fine though 😊

Maintenance – having your tape-in extensions moved up to the roots of your hair is time-consuming at the salon.
Here is how it works.. A solution is used to break the tape bonds and remove the hair, which can be a little painful. Good quality tape is important as cheaper tape will stick to your hair and be more painful. After the extensions and old tape is removed, new tape is applied.
Your natural hair is then washed and clarified, with all tape and oil removed, before drying. The extensions are straightened before being put back in your hair. Your hair will also probably need to be cut, shaped and styled. This process can take between one and two hours.

 After around six weeks your extensions will start growing and popping out. When you notice this, it’s time to make an appointment at the salon. Hats can also be a great cover-up in the meantime!

 To keep your hair at its best and prevent tangling, try sleeping with a plait in your hair, and NEVER go to bed with wet hair (big no no).

Conditioner is a no go on the roots of your hair when you have tape-in hair extensions too as it will help to break down the tape and the extensions can fall out.

Conditioner on the ends of your hair is fine. As our hair naturally produces oils we do not need conditioner on the top anyway. Shampoo must also be sulphate free to ensure the bonds of the tape don’t break.

Cost – Tape-in hair extensions can be expensive, depending on quality and length, and don’t suit everyone’s budgets. Maintenance appointments also need to be factored in. If you feel they’re something you love, budget them in. They also do save time and effort, so it’s a great idea to personally weigh up the pros and cons.

Colouring – Tape-in hair extensions can’t be dyed lighter as the hair cannot be repaired with proteins like our hair can. This has the opposite effect and will dry them out, they can be dyed darker using a semi permanent colour.


Another thing to note - 

Remy Hair Extensions - Here at Maiden Hair Extensions, we can’t stress enough the importance of quality hair extensions. Remy extensions are top quality human hair extensions and recommended and available at Maiden.

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