Best Hair Extensions method for your salon and your client!

Best Hair Extensions method for your salon and your client!

What is the best Hair Extensions application method for your salon and your client needs?


I think all 3 of the below techniques if applied by an experienced, trained hair extensions technician can achieve the desired look that a client is after. However, i have written some things below to consider prior to choosing which technique is suitable for your client. 

Things to consider when choosing the right method for your salon 

The application method can have a bearing on the comfort level of the hair extensions along with how much damage that method does or does not cause the hair. My biggest thing I can say to any hairdressing looking to start offering hair extensions in the salon. Is learn how to teach your client how to look after them. Once leaving the salon without the right information all your hair work can fall out with miss use. 

The quality of the hair extensions will have an effect on the longevity of the hair along with how the hair feels and how likely it is to matt up or tangle in time. Maiden hair extensions have been created by hairdressers who have used these products for over 9 years and can guarantee the quality for your clients. 

How natural the hair extensions blend into your clients existing hair and hair colour comes down to the consultation, choice of colours, length and thickness by (you) the hairdresser. 

How the hair extensions ultimately sit in your client's hair from a visual perspective comes down to the skill and experience of the hair extensions technician to blend the extensions into the existing hair.  

Advice from the team at Maiden Hair Extensions

I would strongly advise anybody that is considering getting hair extensions for the either first time or is considering changing to a different technique, method or brand to have them come into the salon for a consultation first as you can see what the clients hair and texture is and what method is best suited to work with their hair and day to day styling. Having a thorough consultation with your client will make the process a lot easier to your mind and theirs. Most salons offer this consultation as a complimentary service. That way your client can see and feel the hair extensions along with meet the hair extensions technician that will be doing their service. From there you will be better informed to make a decision. 


Tape Hair Extensions 

Tape hair extensions are applied quickly and easily. The pre-taped weft of hair is typically sandwiched on either side of the natural hair. Results are seamless. 


  • Tape weft extensions are semi-permanent lasting anywhere from 6-8 weeks. 
  • Tape extensions are easy to maintain – they are washed and styled in your natural hair. 
  • Tape extensions are very quick to apply. 


  • Most tape extensions do not have clear bonds and can at times be seen through the hair. 
  • It can be harder to tie your hair up as you need to be sure that the wefts are covered. 
  • Tape extensions refits can be a lot longer service you must factor in your refit costs into the time you have allocated. 



Micro Bead Extensions 

The hair extension is looped through the natural hair and then clamped on to it using pliers and a metal bead. Individual strands offer a free moving natural appearance. 


  • Micro beads can be moved up when the slip down the hair shaft. 
  • As they can be moved up, they can be a cost-effective option. 
  • Microbead extensions move more freely offering a more natural appearance. 
  • No glue involved 


  • Micro links can slip down the hair shaft and need frequent moving up every 6-8 weeks. 
  • Micro links can be damaging to the hair if they are not applied correctly or to the right hair type. We strongly recommend you be trained by one of our professional technicians.  

Clip In Hair Extensions 

Clip ins are the most temporary type of hair extensions, they can be can be applied or removed within minutes. Available in a variety of widths, lengths and hair types. 


  • They are an easy option to try hair extensions 
  • Clip ins can be put in and removed as often as you like, without the help of a professional 


  • Clip ins need to be blended in by a professional stylist which can be an added cost. 
  • Incompatible with water and sports, they affect your lifestyle 
  • The clip can make the extensions harder to style and cover 
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