Why you need Maiden hair extensions in your life

Why you need Maiden hair extensions in your life

Wherever we look – on TV, in magazines, or even down the street – we notice celebrities and everyday people with long, healthy luscious locks! While some are lucky enough to have naturally beautiful hair, hair extensions are now a popular option to achieve a gorgeous, healthy-looking mane.

So, why are hair extensions so popular and fashionable – now more than ever? 

Protect your Natural Hair
Our hair is exposed to environmental factors and other stresses daily. Hair straighteners, curling wands and other tools expose your natural hair to heat, which can cause damage including breakage and split ends.
As the hair extensions are on the top layer and your natural hair is underneath, heating and styling tools are applied to the hair extensions, giving your natural hair a break. The hair extensions give you the long, gorgeous hair you’re after while protecting your natural hair and allowing it to grow.

Ta-Da – Hair Transformed!
With hair extensions, you can quickly and easily transform your style. With average hair growth at around 1cm per month, transforming your hair requires time and patience – as most of us are well aware. And if you’ve had your hair cut short, re-growing length can seem to take forever!

On the other hand, with hair extensions, you can enjoy an almost instant transformation – including creating texture and volume and altering your hair’s length. Because your natural hair hides the attachments, no-one even needs to know you’re wearing hair extensions! And our high-quality Remy hair extensions mean you can continuously enjoy healthy, gorgeous, sleek, shiny hair.

Our hair extensions are so versatile, you can transform and style your hair however you like – whether it be curling, straightening, up or down.

Healthy Colouring
With hair extensions, you can also colour your hair without applying harsh, damaging chemicals. No more peroxide that damages, dulls and dries out your natural hair. No more negative or allergic reactions to colours or ingredients either!
Hair extensions are available in a range of colours, allowing you to choose a shade that blends in with your natural hair or experiment with colour. Mix it up as you desire while protecting your natural hair.

Curl/Style Hold
Have you ever spent hours curling and styling your hair only to look in the mirror at the end of the night to discover your look hasn’t lasted the night? This can be particularly true for fine, thin hair. And it usually doesn’t matter how much you spend on expensive products.
Our Remy hair extensions are made using top-quality, thick, cuticle hair, which means it will hold styles and curls, and you can be sure your style will last.

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